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Custom Glassware Information (pricing and artwork fees)

Minimum order size
200 pieces

Wholesale pricing is applicable. Additional quantity breaks are available subject to order size.

We use a silk screen to transfer the design onto the glass. The design is then baked onto the glass in a lehr (oven).

Screen fee
The artwork is burned on a silk screen. A one time screen/set up fee is applicable of $ 100 per screen.

We use a special ink consisting of glass particles, pigments and a medium that is silk screen printed on the glass. This eco-friendly  ink is CA-Prop 65 compliant. Certain restrictions with regards to the dimensions and detail level of the print. Examples can be found on our website for reference.

Ink color
The ink will be white. On clear glass, black ink is also available.

Submitting the design in black and white
The design needs to be supplied in black on a white background. Anything black will print white on the glass. (the white background will remain transparant)
Shades of grey, rasters or colors cannot be printed and will have to be either blacked out or made transparent (white).

Font size
If there is text in the design, please ensure that the minimum font size is 11 points. Larger is better.

Print area
•    Small glasses made from beer bottles,  3.5" tall
Maximum printed surface
o    7 1/4" is the max length for a single /continuous design x  2" high (all around the glass)
o    An area of 1" wide needs to remain clear of designs to start and stop the printing.
o    Maximum recommended design area 2"x 2" for double sided design (front and back)

•    Large tumblers made from wine bottles, 4.5" tall
Maximum printed surface
o    9 " max length single /continuous design x 2.5” high (all around the glass)
o    Maximum recommended design area  for logo's 2.5""x 2.5" for double sided design (on two sides of the glass)

An easy check to see how the artwork will work is to print it on paper to actual size, cut it out and wrap it around the sample glass.

Avoid fine details
Please avoid fine details. The silk screens consist of a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking layer except for where the logo or design is located.  Here the ink is forced through the tiny mesh holes onto the glass by a squeegee.  Every lines consist hence of tiny holes. And there is a limit to how fine the lines can get as after that they will start to fall apart in dots or, worse, not print at all. The flip side of this is that if there is not enough space between the lines, they will start blending together.

Artwork Format
Please supply the digitalized or vector artwork in an Adobe Illustrator file (.ai), saved as an older version C2 or 12, or as an editable pdf. The artwork needs to be in High Resolution.

Upon receipt of the artwork, we will review it, make adjustments if necessary and create a mock up. The mock up will consist of a picture of the design printed on paper and wrapped around the glass.

Lead time
Once the sizing and placement is approved, we will send the design to the screen maker. Turnaround time is typically two weeks for the screen creation and another two weeks for production (may be longer depending on order quantity) .  

1.    Sets of 4 (cupholders). Master carton will hold 16 sets of 4 = 64 glasses.
2.    TwoPacks. Master carton will hold  54 Small, 36 Large or 24 Goblet TwoPacks
3.    Bulk.  Pallet divider will hold 143 tumblers/goblets or 270 small tumblers per layer.

For questions contact Oscar Wientjes.

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